Billie - The Playful Keyboard

The Keyboard App that Makes Texts Look Good

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Visual Communication

Billie’s image database brings life to everyday text messaging.

Convenient Search

Images populate the suggestion bar as each word is spelled out.

Be Seen on Billie

Is your brand missing from Billie's image database? Submit your image here .

Submission Guidelines:
  • Enter your images's name in the Subject line
  • Send us .png files that are sized 100 x 100
  • Ensure you are submitting high quality images

Get Our App

Our app is available for download on the following:

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Brand Messaging

Use Billie as visual communication to get your message heard and your brand noticed.

  • “ Save time and say it with an image using Billie ”
  • “ This is the best keyboard app that I’ve come across yet, the image bar is genius! ” Mary Vaughn
  • “ Billie has found a way to integrate images and emoticons into our everyday text messaging, creating a brand new platform for large-scale branding for companies large and small. ”
  • “ What a great way to push our company image out there as a language, this is brilliant! ”